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Winner of the Alive award

Winner of the Alive award

Vivien’s Unique Customer Service

Vivien Lee owner and proprietor of Properties Unique Serviced Apartments, ‘‘the home away from home’’ accommodation agency has added a real touch of sparkle to providing regional accommodation.

Winner of the 2005 Alive award in the Special Ambassador for Tourism category for “Outstanding Customer Service” in July, Vivien, 55, is very much the reigning queen of the North East England serviced accommodation scene.

Her thriving business offers luxurious alternative to staying in a hotel for both leisure and corporate visitors wanting self-catering style apartments or houses, both long and short term durations.

She says, “Serviced accommodation is great for people wanting more freedom and flexibility when staying in the area. Our growing portfolio of stylish, serviced residences are proving to be a very cost effective and viable option. Customers typically range from individual business people on extended assignments to small corporate groups wanting something more money spinning, flexible and homely than a hotel suite. What I love about the job is the unique aspect of every booking. No two customer’s requirements are alike and I am always thrilled when I can fulfil more unusual requests satisfactorily, however theses might be.

“Nothing is ever too much trouble for us in making sure are guests are cared for, even if it does mean being called to an apartment at 12.30 midnight to let a guest in – she had locked herself out and was stood outside in her nightie”!

With serviced properties throughout the whole of the region, all in prime locations, Vivien’s days are active and always eventful. Whether it’s sourcing an increasing inventory of new accommodation, or meeting and greeting guests or on familiarisation visits, Vivien, ( who keeps her mobile on 24 hrs a day incidentally), drives her business forward with genuine star acumen and true determination.